hello there.

My name is Becky, and I live in New England with my son Jacob, who is 2. I hope to expand my family soon. 

I created Secret Sky Multimedia in 2014, focusing on voiceover. I’ve voiced hundreds of TV and radio commercials, tutorials, explainer videos, automated phone messages, book trailers, and even a few jingles. Things have expanded over the years and now I also do videography, freelance writing, web design, and publishing. I work with my mom to produce children’s books, plays and videos, and get to have fun with puppets at the same time! Additionally, I’ve teamed up with two colleagues to create historic driving apps. Our first one for the south island loop of Oahu was released in December 2022. My full resume can be found here.

As a soldier working for AFN Bavaria in Vilseck, Germany in 2013. 

Working for the National Park Service at the USS Arizona Memorial in 2018.

The Longer Version

I graduated with a BA in journalism from the University of New Hampshire in 2005 and moved to Israel for a two-year MA in Middle Eastern history at Tel Aviv University. Middle Eastern history is fascinating but not a money-making field. I left with $70,000 debt and no job prospects, so I enlisted in the US Army in 2007 to be a broadcast journalist (46R), mainly for the student loan repayment program. I was assigned to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team from 2008-2011. I deployed to FOB Hammer, Iraq in 2009, where I created print, audio, and video products during the transition from OIF to OEF. I moved to Germany from 2011-2014 to work with AFN Bavaria. I started in radio news and moved to television, creating video stories and commercials. 

After leaving the military, I was hired as the visual information specialist for the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, operated by the National Park Service in Honolulu, HI. I managed the web and social media presence for the monument. For four years, it was an honor to work at Pearl Harbor and learn about, tell the stories of, and commemorate the sailors, soldiers, and Marines who lived through or died as a result of the attack on Dec 7, 1941. I helped create video products, audio products, and a new app for the park.

In Nov 2019, I moved back to Germany for a public affairs position with the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, serving as their web and social media admin and creating many video, audio, and print products. But after two years of needless and destructive lockdowns, quarantines, mandates, and other appalling violations of basic rights and civil liberties, I resigned my position and moved back to my home state to focus on building my own business. I hesitate to be political, but given the times we live in, I feel it’s important to speak out. I strongly disagree with the events of the last three years and am now a former moderate liberal turned strong libertarian. I will never condone coercion, censorship, “cancellation” of different views (along with the people behind them), or authoritarianism on the left or the right. I value liberty and justice for all people, and in that spirit I’m proud to be part of the Free State Project and Health Freedom NH.  

We are definitely living in interesting times.